Everything under one roof

By choosing a full-line supplier, you avoid having your orders spread across multiple suppliers. This ensures an effective and smooth process from start to finish – and it helps you save valuable time. We are with you through the entire process – from sourcing raw materials and surface treatment, to fitting, packing and shipping the finished product.


Brandt as your business partner

At Brandt, we offer you a solution tailored to your business and industry. We collaborate with a wide range of suppliers, giving you direct access to a wealth of skills and knowledge – all under one roof.

Skilled guidance

With Brandt, you are ensured a loyal business partner dedicated to bringing our knowledge, expertise and technical support to your project. We work closely with you to ensure that you are offered the best coating solutions to meet your requirements and individual specifications. No matter the assignment.

Early project involvement is key to offering you the best guidance and solutions. Drawing on our nearly 50 years of experience in surface finishing, we can quickly identify challenges related to design and construction that may ultimately lead to problems with the durability of your product. In other words, we can help you avoid potential issues and challenges in the future.


Just-in-time delivery

We know the importance of delivering your components on time. To optimise the consistency of supply and quality, we are continuously working to digitise every aspect of our operations. We work fast and professionally to ensure an effective production flow from start to finish, for customers ranging from, international companies to small businesses. We are happy to assist with follow-up installation and packing tasks.